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Blink Of An Ear

“The Blink of an eye lasts three hundred milliseconds. The blink of an ear lasts considerably longer. From birth to death, the ear never closes.” – Seth Kim-Cohen

Blink of an Ear is a residency program aimed at ensembles and musicians active in the field of new music, offering time and space for projects in an early stage of development. Blink of an Ear encourages those projects that question current practices in the field of new music and sonic arts. The residency functions as an artistic sanctuary where experimentation rules regardless of institutional or commercial codes or norms.

Blink of an ear is organised by Cohort and takes place at Werkplaats Walter in Brussels and at Walpurgis in Mortsel.


03/02 – 07/02: Down The Rabbit Hole – Jukebox (Walpurgis)

23/03 – 28/03: Hyoid & Benjamin Vandewalle – Espaces (Walter)

25/05 – 28/05: Zwerm & Rudy Trouvé – New album (Walter)


13/01 – 17/01: Down The Rabbit Hole and The Third Guy – Fusion of Friends (FOF) (Walter)

16/10 – 21/10: Hyoid & Myriam Van Imsschoot – New Polyphonies (Walter)

11/11 – 17/11: Tip Toe Company – Mobile-Stabile (Walter)