Shrimp & Karaoke LP release!

The Third Guy just released it’s first LP “Shrimp & Karaoke” on the London based label Micro Records. The record presents two larger works blending together fresh, deep, nonconformist and noisy sounds. On one hand the work by the German composer Michael Maierhof Splitting 56.3 a piece in which motors and mics play the main role in the sound production, it has been composed for the Belgian duo in 2018. On the other, The Third Guy presents their particular way of seeing the musical creation in Why Is Free Improv Boring. Conceived as six short pieces, each one with a different musical code on how the players react on each other’s playing.

Come and join them to celebrate the official release of this record in one of these events!

06/02 Fly Un-Open #16 @ Fly Studio, Brussels (BE)

07/02 Finissage Lien Tallon/LP Voorstelling The Third Guy, Flugzeug Music-Art-Design, Leuven (BE)