Blink Of An Ear Residency with Down The Rabbit Hole

Down The Rabbit Hole will develop its new music-theatrical project Jukebox as part of this weeklong residency at Walpurgis in Mortsel.


Dedicated to young audience, this project takes you into a seemingly empty spacious hall, a playground proposed by the ensemble where the audience is invited to discover and choose how and what to listen to. Meanwhile, an interactive video installation tracks each inhabitant and proposes you gamelike choreographies – so your own positioning in space has an impact on the concert situation and makes you have access and discover different hearing perspectives.

It’s a live music box – the inner life of a Jukebox.

JUKEBOX proposes a shared space that is each time and constantly shaped by the audience to create the right nest for the contemporary music live performance.

JUKEBOX /// for kids only

MUSIC by Thierry De Mey, Michael Maierhoff, David Helbich, Joris Blanckaert & others

first stage supported by De School van Gaasbeek & LOD, Bijloke Summer Academy in Ghent (2018)

to be premiered in 2020

© Down the Rabbit Hole 2020, duration 45 min

Thierry De Mey – Musique de table

Michael Maierhoff – Shopping nr. 4

David Helbich – Earpieces (selection)

Joris Blanckaert – new commision