Blink of an Ear – new residency program!

Cohort is happy to finally start its new residency program Blink of an Ear in collaboration with Werkplaats Walter!

First residency will take place from 13/01 till 17/01 with the project Fusion of Friends (FOF) by Down The rabbit Hole and The Third Guy:

What happens When The Third Guy meets Down the Rabbit Hole?

Friends from a long time ago, and identified as performers of contemporary music, both groups naturally search for new collaborations, extended techniques, founding boundaries between improvisation, programmed algorithms, and new aesthetics. Wishing to challenge and support each individual of the groups in the most creative way, they come together for a new project with working title Fusion of Friends (FOF). Making space for collective thinking, and artistic decisions to shape, define, and indulge together a new physical and artistic performance space with a collective of five… to spark the senses of everyone.

Open Studio on thursday 17/01 from 16:30 till 17:30, with some playing and some talking, feel free to stop by! (Werkplaats Walter, Van Lintstraat 43-45, Anderlecht)

Blink of an Ear is a residency program that offers a platform to question the current practices in the field of new music and sonic arts. It is an artistic sanctuary where experimentation rules regardless of institutional or commercial codes or norms.

Blink of an Ear is organised by Cohort and takes place at Walter in Brussels.