Nadar in Darmstadt

This summer Nadar will have their fourth  appearance at the Darmstadt Summercourse for New Music! For this edition Nadar will be focusing on the personal experience of music in their new project OurEars with performances on 23rd and 24th of july. The hosts from Darmstadt and their international Summer Course guests are invited to experience intimate listening situations in a shared apartment, an artist’s studio, a doctor’s house and an alternative cultural center. Four composers (Natasha Diels, Vladimir Gorlinsky, Cathy van Eck and Martin Schüttler) will be curating site-specific music for each of these spaces. On two of the performance days several performances will take place at the same time in the afternoons, each for just a few listeners.

In the evening all of the musicians and visitors will come together for a final concert held at Centralstation, where pieces by Stefan Prins, Joanna Bailie and Louis D’Heudières will address the transitions between urban and concert space, inside and outside, listening and seeing. Following the concert there will be an opportunity to talk about the various listening experiences over a drink and get to know the musicians on the Centralstation forecourt.

For more info, check the festival website!