WANDERING ROCKS new album by Zwerm & François Sarhan

Wandering Rocks is a piece conceived for four electric guitars and 27 loud speakers. The source of the prerecorded sounds is mainly synthesis elaborated with an analogic modular synth called SERGE, in La Muse en Circuit. This piece, about 35 minutes long, is not meant for concert halls, because it is not frontal, but for a large room which can welcome a moving (wandering) audience: the public can walk between the loudspeakers, which are disposed in concentric circles, and between the guitarists, who are in the smallest circle, therefore surrounded by the loudspeakers.
The title comes from a chapter from Ulysses, by James Joyce, entitled “Wandering Rocks”. Joyce’s voice, reading a short excerpt from Ulysses is heard in the second half of the piece.

A CD is certainly problematic to fully represent a work which was on the one hand an immersive sonic experience, and on the other hand linked to a political/satirical dramaturgy, expressed via movements, videos and projected texts. This recording, therefore, is a third easy-teenage version of this material, devoted to a stereo late-by-night entertainment. Elements from both pieces have been used, as well as another time organisation, because the movement of the listener in Wandering Rocks as in Commodity Music requires another musical place.

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Here’s a recap of the Zwerm collaborations together with François Sarhan & La Muse en Circuit in Palais de Tokyo and Chateau de Chambord, to be continued!

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ZWERM @ OORtreders – Museum of the Moon

Op vrijdag 21 oktober strijkt de maan neer in Neerpelt. Museum of the Moon is een gigantische lichtgevende maan van de Britse kunstenaar Luke Jerram. Het kunstwerk zal door de straten van Neerpelt zweven, van de kerk tot aan Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof, terwijl de epische soundtrack van componist Dan Jones weerklinkt. Als afsluiter brengt het elektrisch gitaarkwartet ZWERM een performance op het dak van Dommelhof. Ze laten zich hiervoor inspireren door Pink Floyds meesterwerk The Dark Side of the Moon. Een magische optocht voor jong en oud!

Meer info: Oortreders

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Nadar @ Ultima Festival

15 september 2016
Ultima Festival Oslo

Sergey Khismatov, Alexander Khubeev, Alex Nadzharov and Marina Poleukhina are inspired by the lifework of Lesaserma Pokhunakhis (1926-1991), and together create a remarkable, unsettling and fascinating performance about the work of a forgotten woman who knew Xenakis, created an Siberian Arte Povera style and influenced Abramovic. Read more about her life at: pokhunakhis.

Special thanks to video-artist Dmitry Mazurov, Vadim Kejin, Yury Kasparov, Fedor Sofronov and Viatcheslav Kuritsyn.


Premiere at Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival on the 15th of September, in May 2017 at Concertgebouw Brugge.


In collaboration with Ulysses Network and the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. Produced in collaboration with Concertgebouw Bruges.
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