Ictus zone 2

December 20th 20h00

Ictus Zone: Nadar ensemble – “dubbelganger”

Ictus presents the adventurous Ictus Zone, featuring in this concert the Nadar Ensemble. The concert series (watchword: constructive provocation) presents a new generation of musicians and ensembles active in contemporary music. Under the heading Dubbelganger, the Nadar Ensemble will perform works by the composers Michael Beil and Peter Ablinger, with inspiration from kindred spirits Hanna Schygulla, Billie Holiday, and Bertolt Brecht.
Michael Beil, Mach Sieben for piano, CD and video
Michael Maierhof, Shopping 4 for three balloons
Peter Ablinger, Hannah Schygulla, Billie Holiday, Arnold Schönberg, excerpts from “Voices and Piano” for piano and CD


Elisa Medinilla piano, balloon – Yves Goemaere balloon – Dries Tack balloon

More info: Bozar
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Ictus zone 1

ICTUS ZONE is putting itself out there as a new series of concerts that always stray from the beaten track. Over six Thursday evenings between November and April Ictus features in the action without actually being on stage for every concert. 
In this first series Ictus absorbs provocation and takes its inspiration from the sorts of things that occupy a new generation of musicians and groups. The results of this input are then thrown together, maybe injected with a few recent Ictus wors and then filtered. 
Constructive provocation is the phrase used to describe this series, which endeavours to offer the audience new perspectives, trends and relationships.
This was No.1 with Zwerm and Michael Schmid:

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