Mangalam! @ Saint-Petersburg

Tuesday May 29th – 19h30

From 26-31 May the Saint-Petersburg Contemporary Music Center “” will host the 6th annual International New Music Festival “The Time of Music: Fin de siècle” in Saint-Petersburg. Events will take place at ERARTA, the Museum and Galleries of Contemporary Art and the Museum of Music in the Sheremetev Palace.
The program of May 29 will be dedicated to contemporary Belgian music in ERARTA. This event will be a great first opportunity for the St. Petersburg public to discover new Belgian music in one of the most exciting venues of the city.
The program for the concert will be comprised of Belgian and Dutch compositions, such as by Henri Pousseur who sought the synthesis of sound and image and wrote the famous opera Votre Faust, with libretto by Michel Butor. The program also includes the work of Ton de Leeuw, famous for his experiments with microtonality, and Martijn Padding for flute and piano, which will be undoubtedly interesting for the Russian listener, who has yet to discover this movement in modern music. Other works will include the composers Haofu Zhang, Michel Lysight, Karel Goeyvaerts, Sebastian Bradt, Michel Lysight and Jean-Luc Fafchamps.
The concert will be performed by the Belgian trio “Mangalam”: Anne Davids (flute), Tomonori Takeda (clarinet), and Charlote Otte (piano), coming to Russia for the first time. Concert entry will be open free of charge by “” for the convenience of the public. The trio features a group of musicians striving to make people discover contemporary music in a new and different way. The name of the ensemble is a word in Sanskrit that says much about the aesthetic style of the musicians: an interest in West and East, and the exoticism of diversity.
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