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Cohort is an association of new music makers, ensembles and chamber groups offering administrative and promotional support while stimulating theoretical reflection within the field of new music.


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HYOID / Walshe Try-out at Walpurgis

From 12 to 17 September, HYOID and Irish composer Jennifer Walshe will be in residence at Walpurgis, Mortsel, preparing for their upcoming premiere of “A History of the Voice”. The piece, that will be anything but historical, explores the vocal limits of the four singers of HYOID, using Walshe’s inimitable powers of association.

A try-out is scheduled for 24 September at 13:30 at Walpurgis, and it will premiere at Transit Festival, Leuven, on 22 October.

Info & details:

photo: Judith Vindevogel

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Nadar – Lesaserma Pokhunakhis at Gogolfest, Kiev

On September 10th Nadar presents Lesaserma Pokhunakhis at Gogolfest in Kiev.

Lesaserma Pokhunakis:

Four young, multitalented composers tell the exceptional life story of Lesaserma Pokhunakhis (1925-1983). After fleeing from the Greek military junta in 1967 – in which her husband died – she secretly worked in Yerbogachen (Russia) on her magnum opus ‘Bourozyom’ (‘the brown soil’). Her 50.000 handwritten pages of scientific findings, were an unexpected legacy from an introvert baker’s wife who corresponded with Iannis Xenakis and had a remarkable influence on Marina Abramovic her ‘Balkan Erotic Epic’.

Sergey Khismatov, Alexander Khubeev, Alex Nadzharov and Marina Poleukhina are inspired by her lifework, and together create a remarkable, unsettling and fascinating performance about the work of a forgotten woman, in which nothing is what it seems. Lesaerma Pokhunakhis is produced by Ultima Oslo, Concertgebouw Brugge and Nadar.

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Zwerm premiere at Ruhrtriënnale

Zwerm’s new project “Our Ears Felt Like Canyons” will premiere at this years Ruhrtriënale in Essen, Germany on august 21st!

Our Ears Felt Like Canyons combines Pierre Schaefer’s ideas of acousmatic listening and Pauline Oliveros’ Deep Listening in an immersive concert-setting with newly composed music by Christopher Trapani, Joanna Bailie and Alexander Schubert.

The ear is the center, vision is obscured, immersion is the key word.

Further performances at Transit Festival in Leuven, HCMF in Huddersfield and Spor festival in Aarhus. For further details on this project, click here.

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