Het Kip & De Ei

Coming saturday marks the inaugural edition of Zwerm’s new concert series “Het Kip & De Ei!

Het Kip & De Ei is series of double bills, in which artists coming from very different backgrounds share the stage. The focus is on the music, ‘ear above eye’, no distracting fancy visuals, but a simpel informal setting where the musicians are close to the audience. 

A perfect fit for the musicians of Zwerm, who took the initiative to launch Het Kip & De Ei. They will curate its concert calendar following their artistic incentive of curiosity and a yearn for surprise.

This first edition will feature Belgian cellist Benjamin Glorieux playing 2 of the famous Bach cello suites as well as Berliner electro-veteran Felix Kubin, who will present his “Mineralorchester”.

All concerts take place at Madam Fortuna, Sergeyselstraat 20 in Antwerp (walking distance from Antwerpen Centraal).

Het Kip & De Ei is a project of Zwerm, in collaboration with Madam Fortuna & ChampdAction, with the support of the Flemish Government.

website Het Kip & De Ei

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Blink of an Ear – new residency program!

Cohort is happy to finally start its new residency program Blink of an Ear in collaboration with Werkplaats Walter!

First residency will take place from 13/01 till 17/01 with the project Fusion of Friends (FOF) by Down The rabbit Hole and The Third Guy:

What happens When The Third Guy meets Down the Rabbit Hole?

Friends from a long time ago, and identified as performers of contemporary music, both groups naturally search for new collaborations, extended techniques, founding boundaries between improvisation, programmed algorithms, and new aesthetics. Wishing to challenge and support each individual of the groups in the most creative way, they come together for a new project with working title Fusion of Friends (FOF). Making space for collective thinking, and artistic decisions to shape, define, and indulge together a new physical and artistic performance space with a collective of five… to spark the senses of everyone.

Open Studio on thursday 17/01 from 16:30 till 17:30, with some playing and some talking, feel free to stop by! (Werkplaats Walter, Van Lintstraat 43-45, Anderlecht)

Blink of an Ear is a residency program that offers a platform to question the current practices in the field of new music and sonic arts. It is an artistic sanctuary where experimentation rules regardless of institutional or commercial codes or norms.

Blink of an Ear is organised by Cohort and takes place at Walter in Brussels.

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New album by Zwerm – Badminton in Tehran

Zwerm is releasing a new album this week, get ready for “Badminton in Tehran”!


Badminton in Tehran started with the question: ‘what would happen if we would worked with grooves for a few months?’ After that, anything was allowed. We created an online space where each one of us could drop our personal demos, which could then be used freely by the others. Within a few months a primordial soup of beats and grooves and little snippets of text was created. And once we started the recording sessions with producer Rudy Trouvé this served as the raw material out of which 10 new songs were crafted. Badminton in Tehran is the first record in which all tracks are composed by Zwerm and it grooves like a Rube Goldberg-machine – DIY and slightly irregular.

Check out this great review from online music magazine Enola (in dutch).

You can already pre-order the album on their band camp page.

Release concert on 29/11 at deSingel in Antwerp. Get your tickets here.


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Great reviews for HYOID

Last month HYOID Contemporary Voices was touring their project “A History of the Voice” by Jennifer Walshe. They made stops in November Music, Den Bosch; Soundsofmusic Festival, Groningen and Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival. Their passage didn’t go unnoticed as HYOID received several rave reviews. Bravo!

From UK blog 5against4:

It’s impossible to praise HYOID Contemporary Voices highly enough; their performance was simply astonishing, and will surely go down in HCMF history as one of the festival’s most legendary concerts.
full review

From Dutch blog Nieuwe Noten: 

What makes the piece so good is the way it is executed. Now, after having seen it a second time, even more so. The timing is sublime, the way these four artists play together is phenomenal, the pace is close to abnormal.
full review (in Dutch)

From Dutch news paper NRC Handelsblad:

A History of the Voice, superbly interpreted by vocal ensemble HYOID.
full review (in Dutch)

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