Spring News

2018 is already well on it’s way and spring is in the air! Also in the air are some very exciting premieres by Cohort members Zwerm and HYOID as well as new concerts by the Nadar ensemble.

Zwerm is currently working on a music theater project called Echo, their first co-creation with the Antwerp based theater group Post Uit Hessdalen. Together they go in search of the resonances, associations and memories that lie hidden in the places where Echo ended up. In line with their own preferences for image and sound, they reunite the two lovers Echo and Narcissus on stage. Music and video are presented live on stage, thus immersing the audience in an intriguing collection of earthly echoes. Premiere on march 14th in deSingel in Antwerp as part of the Klarafestival. Tickets are selling out rapidly, so be quick!

Also on march 14th as part of Klarafestival, HYOID contemporary voices will premiere the new production “Loopstation” by Ghent-based theater group Ontroerend Goed at Vooruit in Ghent. LOOPSTATION is a big-stage performance with live music, in which today is always a bit like yesterday but still different from tomorrow. Where growth is not an obligation but a natural consequence of the actions that give meaning to existence. Nothing is entirely new and yet anything is ever the same. Nine performers build a world on a rotating disk, a fascinating microcosm in which everything is connected and loops no obstacle to progress. Directed by Alexander Devriendt, music written by Joris Blanquaert and performed by HYOID contemporary voices. From 14 to 17 of march at Vooruit, Ghent and 27 to 28 at KVS, Brussels.

The Nadar ensemble will start their year with the slightly absurd though absolutely visceral new program Tomorrow You May Sing In Paradise, featuring works by  Jennifer Walshe, Jessie Marino, Natacha Diels, a.o. Performances are planned at Inspiratum in Wijnegem on February 21st and the festival Dag in de Branding in The Hague on March 10th. 
And also in March, the Nadar Ensemble will kick off its five-year residency at Concertgebouw Brugge with two concerts. First of is their new project Homejacking for which Nadar will branch out to five living rooms in Bruges for intimate concerts exploring what chamber music could mean in the 21st century. Later on in march Nadar will also present one of their evergreen programs: Döppelganger, with music by Stefan Prins, Michael Beil, Serge Verstockt and Simon Steen-Andersen. For info and tickets click here.


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Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival

Zwerm will present it’s project “Our Ears Felt Like Canyons” on tuesday 21/11 at the 40th edition of the UK’s most important festival for contemporary music, HCMF in Huddersfield! Festival director Graham McKenzie picked up it up as one of the “hidden gems” of the festival. Read all about here!

Zwerm just released a trailer for this project, beautifully shot by Kobe Wens during the performance at Transit festival on 22/10.

Also at this years edition of HCMF, on monday 20/11, Zwerm’s Kobe Van Cauwenberghe will present his solo project “No [more] Pussyfooting” with solo arrangements of music by Brian Eno and Robert Fripp. Don’t miss it if you’re there!

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Transit Festival 2017

From 20 to 22nd of October the annual Transit Festival will take place at STUK in Leuven. Cohort is proud to have two of its ensembles presenting new projects at this year’s festival!

HYOID presents the premiere of “A History of the Voice – Self Care II” by Irish composer Jennifer Walshe on sunday 22nd at 14h: A highly energetic hourlong piece of music theater that explores the human voice in all its associations. Watch the trailer here:

On sunday evening at 20h Zwerm will present “Our Ears Felt Like Canyons” as the closing event of this years Transit festival: Three sonic tableaux by Christopher Trapani, Joanna Bailie and Alexander Schubert in an immersive concert-setting. The ear is the center, vision is obscured, immersion is the key word. Don’t miss it! 

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Tiptoe & Pianoguide at Bijloke

Tiptoe and Pianoguide are joining forces for a presentation as part of Manufactuur at Muziekcentrum de Bijloke in Ghent.

Founding members of Tiptoe Company, Pieter Lenaerts and Jona Kesteleyn, ànd pianist Frederik Croene are balancing in between performance, chamber music, sound art and free impro. Partner in crime is composer and soundartist Patricia Alessandrini. Acoustic and electronic stringinstruments are connected, creating new logics. Objects, E-bows and feedback-loops generate sound and movement.

In addition to Tiptoe’s performance of new works by Alessandrini and Croene, Pianoguide’s Elisa Medinilla will perform another premiere by Croene for piano solo.


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